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Streets On A Disk  is full featured mapping software for the business
user. Streets includes the ability to overlay database or other custom
information on the map, a professional map editor, and full search
capabilities. Find customers within a radius, territory, near a street, or
with matching information.

Also featured is a router that can automatically create delivery groups,
optimize a travel agenda, and give written travel directions (with
distance, time, fuel usage, etc.). For example you can import 1000
addresses, automatically divide them into local groups by distance,
optimize the visiting order, and generate travel directions.  There is also
a GPS interface to track your vehicle (or fleet of moving vehicles), and a
programmer's interface to add mapping features to other applications.
  • Streets On A Disk has more business features than other
    mapping software. Some features are: full search capability,
    travel directions (between any number of points), an editor, GPS
    tracking, a programmer's interface, and hundreds of options for
    customization. Over 100 menus of features.
  • Includes download access to over 3000 detailed maps of all
    areas in the USA.
  • There are no hidden customer support fees! We do not charge
    for technical support or training- your only cost is the normal
    telephone call.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Streets On A Disk is easy to use!
Streets On A Disk, 2014
29th Anniversary!